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We welcome you. Connect with other members through chats, virtual events, and access personalized content and resources from our diverse experts. And yes, we value your privacy and data.

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We hear you. The spectrum of our professional, personal, and financial lives is complex. What helps? Finding women who align with your needs and experiences.

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It’s time for something completely different. Today’s digital platforms aren’t designed for what professional women need — until now. Uplevyl was created for professional women where they can access personalized content, experts, and resources to navigate life.

As a professional woman, your time is very precious. You deserve a trusted space to flourish while accessing experts for your personal, professional, and financial wellbeing. With Uplevyl you can create a strong network, and seek talented mentors all within an inclusive and diverse global platform.


Need to sharpen your career strategy? Want to learn from and connect with other professionals in your industry? Whether you’re a new graduate, solopreneur, or C-Suite, we support you.


Working while maintaining mental and physical wellbeing can seem like opposing forces. Women carry a heavy load and we need inspiring resources no matter what’s going on in our lives. Our contributors are talking about relationships, mental health, wellness, working motherhood, plus so much more.


Take charge of your financial goals with our brilliant financial experts. You’ll find resources on everything financial: spending, budgeting, investing, debt management, crypto and retirement — just to name a few.

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Founder & CEO, Uplevyl

Like many professional women, I’ve experienced moments of exhilarating success. However, as a woman working in male-dominated fields – automotive, professional services, and technology – I’ve also experienced profound loneliness even when celebrating those moments of success with my colleagues. Why? Because I was often the only woman in the room. I was equally capable and qualified as the professionals that I sat elbow-to-elbow with, and yet, I observed my male colleagues thrive in a league exclusive to their gender. That league was seemingly unavailable to me as a woman.
Uplevyl was born out of those moments when I felt utterly alone.

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Connecting professional women to personalized experts and resources - unlocking your brilliance at every milestone in life.
"I know that there’s a ton of information out there, but I appreciate Uplevyl because everything I need is in one place. It’s quick, timely and easy to find."

Blender Hill

Former Public Information Specialist Senior, City of Austin

"I love how easy all of the content is to digest, how relevant every article is to me personally and how empowered the Uplevyl community makes me feel!"

Griffin Chin

Consumer Products at Fortune 100.

"Uplevyl offers women the opportunity to connect with many potential mentors and mentees, to learn how to navigate the unique life and career choices facing women in medicine."

Aliza Norwood, M.D.

Assistant Professor, Internal Medicine Physician

“Uplevyl provides a safe space to feel heard and not bring back the feelings of being patronised that we all have felt over the years, with the real message that you are worthy of the seat at the table.”

Kate Lewers

Founder of Women of Watford FC

“I believe that Uplevyl will be a great resource to women working in healthcare to offer a sense of community and support. I look forward to using Uplevyl to gain mentor support and have a central location to ask questions and find resources for my career in healthcare.”

Maria Lorenz

Physician Assistant.