Living Room Overcoming Imposter Syndrome Smartly

Pearls of Wisdom from our Black Women in Tech!


What do we need to succeed? Support at home, confidence to take risks, acumen to advance. For women aspiring to leadership, these fundamentals are often elusive.

Each year, businesses pour billions into leadership development. Approximately 75% of that money goes to high-touch, high-cost, and highly effective programs for people at the top, the vast majority of whom are men.

Lower-cost solutions—online courses, ERGs, webinars, etc.—offered to early- and mid-stage professionals are less impactful. Because those programs are not personalized, they can’t address the aspirations or the unique challenges individuals face at pivotal moments in their careers and personal lives.

Uplevyl cracks the code on providing up-to-date, data-driven, high-level personalization at a manageable cost to develop women leaders for the digital age we live in.


How we work: We seek balance and harmony on our team and in our partnerships.
How we make decisions: We rely on data to define our goals and set our priorities.
How we innovate: We seek the road less traveled in pursuit of a better world.

Uplevyl is dedicated to helping every person who identifies as a woman find the resources they need to unlock their full potential. All aspects of Uplevyl’s conceptualization, development, and realization have been led by women and we recognize that our groundbreaking work would not be possible without the innovation, invention, and wisdom of the women who came before us—their contributions empower us to engineer for a better tomorrow.