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Celebrating Women's Pivotal Role in Typography Design: An Ancient Art Form of Designing The Appearance of Text

Uplevyl Studios

A Tribute to Women's Indelible Mark on Typography

As Women's History Month unfolds, Uplevyl takes a moment to shine a well-deserved spotlight on the vital role typography has played in our branding. Our brand's DNA is deeply rooted in the art and technique of arranging type, a field where the contributions of women have historically been underrepresented yet profoundly impactful.

Women from across the globe have been instrumental in shaping this field since before the 11th Century, weaving their creativity, skill, and vision into the fabric of our everyday communication. Despite their significant contributions, the stories of these remarkable women often remain in the shadows. In today's digital age, where we can access over 1000 fonts in the Google Font library, a surprisingly small fraction has been created by women. Through this special Uplevyl feature, we delve into the narratives of these incredible women, celebrating their creativity, skill, and enduring influence on design and society at large. Their distinctive mark on typography is a core element of Uplevyl's identity, embodying our commitment to recognizing and valuing the diverse voices that shape our world.

Illuminating the Path: Women's Contributions to Design

The Uplevyl Technology Platform’s Preferred Typography Honors Women Designers

We are going to share with you the stories behind the three fonts that are part of Uplevyl branding.

First, our exploration into typography's fascinating world begins with a nod to the well-known Roboto Slab font. While attributed to Christian Robertson, it's crucial to acknowledge Veronika Burian, whose expertise significantly enriched this font's development. Burian's contributions stand as a testament to the innovation and tradition that epitomizes exceptional typography for a first-of-its-kind, women trained-AI platform to address women’s needs across professional, personal, and financial lifecycles – Uplevyl.

Second, equally noteworthy is the Abril Fatface font, birthed from the collaborative genius of Veronika Burian and José Scaglione. This partnership, under the TypeTogether studio banner, has gifted us with a font that marries boldness and elegance, adding a layer of sophistication that aligns seamlessly with our aesthetic at Uplevyl.

Third, we celebrate Julia Sysmäläinen, the brilliant mind behind the Kreon font. As a Greek type designer, Sysmäläinen's creation is celebrated for its timeless charm and balanced proportions, embodying warmth and professionalism that mirror Uplevyl's ethos.

Envisioning a Future Shaped by Inclusivity and Creativity

We at Uplevyl, celebrate these talented women to not only pay homage to their dedication and innovation in typography but also to underscore the importance of challenging the status quo in a field historically dominated by men. As we honor Women's History Month in 2024, let's commit to recognizing and supporting the contributions of women across all design areas. Fostering awareness and appreciation for their work is a step toward a more inclusive and equitable future in the creative industries.

Through stories like those of Veronika Burian and Julia Sysmäläinen, we are reminded of the transformative power of diversity in creativity. Their achievements not only enhance our visual environment but also inspire future generations to pursue their passions in design, irrespective of gender. In celebrating these unsung women in typography, Uplevyl invites you to join us in fostering a world where social equity is everyone's reality. To learn more about how the Uplevyl women-trained AI platform can help your enterprise or organization achieve its gender leadership business goals or to request a demo, visit: